Our success – Is the result of our specialization

We do offer high quality fresh hand cracked selected organic and conventional walnut kernels and walnuts in shell from ecological areas of Republic of Moldova.

Our range of products are:


Walnuts insheel

 –  available in different grades and caliber in accordance with customer specifications.


Walnut kernels:

We do provide the largest varieties of qualities of end product from Republic of Moldova:

  Light halves – 90% of the lot (+/- 5%) consist of high quality selected half kernels. The balance forms light invalid
  halves, quarters and pieces. 
    Light Amber halves - 90% of the lot (+/- 5%) consist of high quality selected light amber half kernels. The balance
  forms amber invalid light halves, quarters and pieces.
    Light quarters ( > 15mm) – 90% (+/-15%) forms a light and clean colour quarters and the balance is light pieces >
    Light  pieces  (>8 -15mm)
    Light quarters and pieces mix – (70% (+/-10%)+ 30% (+/-10%) ) is formed by a clean light mixture of quarters
  and pieces.
    Light halves mix  – (halves, quarters and pieces)  a certain % of light halves mix with light quarters and pieces
  under the client’s specification
    Light Amber mix - (70% (+/-10%)+ 30% (+/-10%) ) is formed by a clean light amber mixture of quarters and pieces.
    Small light pieces  ( 4-8 mm) – high and very clean selected light pieces


Industrial quality – brown and dark, shrinkle and dry kernels mix

Walnut meal



Walnut kernels are packed in 5 level cardboard of 10kg boxes. We can offer the following way of packaging in accordance with our client’s requirements:

  • 1. Walnut kernels are placed in 5kg vacuum bags, which are 160µ thickness and then in the box, divided by a piece of carton.
  • 2. Walnut kernels are placed in a cellophane bag and then in a carton box.
  • 3. At the bottom and on the top of the box we place a sheet of anti grease paper and in between the kernels.

We can load the goods in the refrigerated or tinded truck as in loose as on European pallets on the requirements of the client.

All products of Nova Nut SRL, correspond to all European standards and are followed with all necessary documents and certificates, including:

  • Certificate of Origin EUR 1
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Laboratory test results with readiology and microbiology
  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Invoice
  • CMR